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Did Leonardo da Vinci create the Shroud?

Leonardo da Vinci self portraitIt is a wild theory, the notion that Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) created the Shroud of Turin. It makes no sense from either a scientific or historical perspective.

The claim is that Leonardo da Vinci created the images with a primitive medieval room-sized camera. It is conspiracy theory at its best. It is pure apophenia, a belief in the connectedness of unrelated and meaningless observations. Anything can be inferred by being selective with facts, promoting conjecture, arguing that the absence of evidence is itself evidence and mixing in a bit suspicion.

For instance,

Part of the problem with the Leonardo da Vinci theory is that Leonardo was born in 1452. The Shroud that is today in Turin was being displayed in the 1350s in Lirey, France. To make the theory work, it was necessary to invent the idea that an inferior “fake” shroud existed and the Leonardo replaced it. The argument rests solely on speculation that he had an opportunity (which is questionable) and that the then current owners, members of the House of Savoy, had a motive to possess a better fake (most unlikely).

The arguments continue: The face on the Shroud looks like Leonardo. Yes, it does, somewhat. It looks like many people sporting beards. Picknett and Prince go further. We are told that very precise comparative measurements to Leonardo’s face have been made. No they have not! Very precise measurements have been made to a drawing. Leonardo believed in ideal proportions. He wrote about them. He made drawings to demonstrate this. He used those proportions in his drawings and paintings. The best that can be said is that the face of the man on the shroud compares favorably to ideal proportions. Interestingly, other skeptics frequently argue that the shroud is a fake because the proportions of the face are unlike any real face. Similarly, they argue that the body proportions are wrong. Go figure.

There is plenty of scientific proof the Shroud of Turin is not a proto-photographic image. Among them:

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