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the shroud draws you in, doesn't let go, and reveals itself gradually

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Who are Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince?

Conspiracy theory authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince have produced a tale that turns logic on its head in Turin Shroud: How Leonard da Vinci Fooled History.  In a defense against a copyright infringement charge, author Dan Brown states that works by Picknett and Prince were an important inspiration for The DaVinci Code.

There works include:

Between the last two, it is hard to tell which conspiracy theory is easier to swallow. In Stargate we learn that the CIA and MI5 are manipulating a secret cult of powerful and rich leaders, including leading scientists who believe that they are in direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligent beings from the star Sirius. These extraterrestrial beings are claiming to be the gods of ancient Egypt, the very gods responsible for the image of a face on Mars. Why are secret American and British agents, with help from NASA, doing this? To create a new insidious mind-control religion. The book jacket tell us, in their words:

We reveal the ground-breaking research that provides a plausible answer to the most enduring questions about the ancient Egyptians' achievements and beliefs - and, explosively, uncover the true nature of the gods themselves . . .

In How Leonard da Vinci Fooled History we learn that he secretly invented photography and then created a gigantic camera obscura, discovered how to make film out of linen, how to develop the picture and fix it. He was a genius, after all, they remind us. He understood the camera obscura (as had many educated people in Alhazen’s day and since). He had experimented with chemistry (as had many educated people). He might have had a motive. The authors on their website tell us he was, “[a] known joker, conjuror and illusionist, and a Church-hating heretic.”

Sadly, this crazy theory has caught the imagination of some skeptics of the Shroud's authenticity. Perhaps this is because there aren't any other really good explanations for how the images were formed.


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