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What are the coin identifications by Jean-Philippe Fontanille?

In The Coins of Pontius Pilate (August 2001) by Jean-Philippe Fontanille, the author described a method he used to attempt to find coin images:

First we took a clear standard strike of a Pilate coin and extracted the engraved image through a digitally uniform sequence of image manipulation, involving color shift, intensity, brightness, and focus. We were able thereby to extract out the high spots on the coin, being the spots most likely to have an image. In a similar way, we took the negative image of the shroud and subjected to a similar digitally uniform sequence of image manipulation. We were to some extent able to factor out the weave of the cloth and intensify the pattern variation… In this way, our approach to the issue was scientific…In this rather unbiased approach, we were surprised to see that indeed very distinctive shapes did appear, as we factored out the visual “noise”. It is these shapes that we compared to the extracted coin image to draw out our preliminary conclusions.


coin image attributed to Jean-Philippe Fontanille

See: Shroud Coins Dating by Image Extraction, a paper by T. V. Oommen presented at Ohio State University in 2008.

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