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What are the primary criticisms of the coin identifications?

Primary criticisms of the coin images fall into the following categories:

Barrie Schwortz, a technical photographers who photographed the Shroud in 1978, offers his opinion: 

My personal opinion, based on my photographic experience and my close examination of the Shroud itself, is that the weave of the cloth is far too coarse to resolve the rather subtle and very tiny inscription on a dime sized ancient coin...What he (Filas) saw as inscriptions, I saw as random shapes and noise. Such is the subjective nature of image analysis. For these reasons however, I cannot accept these coin "inscriptions" as viable evidence of a first century Shroud "date"...I do not argue that there appears to be something on the eyes of the man of the Shroud, and it may well be coins or potshards, since they were used in some first century burial rituals, but I do not believe we can resolve coin inscriptions.

It is hard not to look at the Filas and Fontanille coin identifications and not be impressed and wonder if the coin inscriptions are indeed not there. But it is equally difficult to believe that the coin inscriptions are there given the weave of the cloth, the photographic enhancements and the problems caused by banding.



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