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Chrysanthemum coronarium

Image of a Chrysanthemum on the ShroudChrysanthemum coronarium is one of the flowers identified on the Shroud by Avinoam Danin and Uri Baruch. Danin is a botany professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Uri Baruch is a pollen specialist with the Israel Antiquities Authority. Both men are leading authorities on the flora of Israel.

The visual identification of Chrysanthemum coronarium images seems to confirm some previous plant image identifications by Oswald Sheuermann, a German physicist, and Alan Whanger, a professor at Duke University.

The picture shown here is used to identify one of the apparent chrysanthemums on the Shroud of Turin. Whether or not it is really a flower image is questionable. It looks like a flower but it may be an anomalous pattern created by background noise on the cloth. Nonetheless, it is significant in comprehending some of the Shroud's history. See: What is the significance of two flower images on the Shroud?

Many if not most Shroud scholars have reservations about the reliability of the identification of plant images and the significance of the pollen data.


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