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What are some of the famous painted copies of the Shroud?

There are many artistic copies of the Shroud. They are painted. Some of them confuse negative and positive representations of the images. They are clearly marked at copies or documentation identifies them as such.  Most importantly, they lack the so-called three-dimensional encoding found in the image on the Shroud just as do modern attempts to replicate the images on the Shroud. 

Skeptics of the Shroud's authenticity sometimes mention that there were numerous "shrouds," sometimes as many as forty are mentioned. That is an inaccurate way of putting it. These are clearly artistic depictions.

1516 Lier Copy (See: Discussion of Poker Holes on 1516 Lier Copy)

Lier copy of Shroud 1516

1568 Guadalupe Copy

Guadalupe Copy of Shroud 1568

1620 Lisbona Copy

1620 Lisbona Copy

1652 Naples Copy

Naples Copy of Shroud 1652

1653 Cuneo Copy

Cuneo Copy 1653


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