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the shroud draws you in, doesn't let go, and reveals itself gradually

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Jackson, John

John JacksonJohn P. Jackson is a physicist who has studied the Shroud of Turin extensively. He has a Ph.D. in physics from the United States Naval Postgraduate School and a B.A. in Religious Studies from the College of Santa Fe. He has held faculty professor positions at both the U.S. Air Force Academy and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He was a scientist at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a senior scientist at Kaman Sciences as well as a part-time honorarium professor at the University of Colorado.

Jackson has published over 78 papers, 21 of which concern the Shroud of Turin. He was the leader of the Shroud of Turin Project in 1978. He is well known for his . . .

The first two of these are readily accepted, without question. The last two are controversial and not widely accepted by serious, scientifically-minded Shroud of Turin researchers.

Jackson has delivered presentations on the Shroud at major international conferences including those in Turin, Paris, New York City, St. Louis, Rome, Oviedo(Spain), San Marino, Nice, The Turin World Congress, and the International Richmond Symposium. He has has given numerous television, radio, and newspaper interviews around the world.


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