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Are there limestone particles on the cloth and what does that mean?

Joseph Kohlbeck and Richard Levi found travertine aragonite limestone particles in sample dust collected from the Shroud’s surface. Kohlbeck was Resident Scientist at the Hercules Aerospace Center in Utah. Levi-Setti was with the Enrico Fermi Institute at the University of Chicago,

Using a high-resolution microprobe, Kolbeck and Levi-Setti compared the spectra of the dust from the Shroud with samples of limestone collected from ancient tombs in Jerusalem. They found that chemical spetral data were identical except for some minor bits of cellulous fiber that could not be removed from the dust.

This is not absolute proof that the Shroud was in Jerusalem, for there might be other places in the world where travertine aragonite has the identical trace chemical signature. However it is statistically unlikely any will be found

Some skeptics have suggested that the limestone dust was added by a forger creating the Shroud in the Middle Ages. That is highly implausible. Would he have used limestone from the environs of Jerusalem in anticipation of modern forensic analytical tools. 


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