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the shroud draws you in, doesn't let go, and reveals itself gradually

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About me

You are entitled to know: I am a Christian. To be more specific, I am an Episcopalian, that particularly American wing of the Anglican Communion. I am neither particularly conservative nor liberal when it comes to theology or social issues within the Church. I am not a biblical literalist. Nor to I have any issues with science. For instance, I have no problems with evolution, none whatsoever. I don't subscribe to evolutionary Intelligent Design. It just doesn't make sense to me. I do find the notion of a fine-tuned universe fascinating and compelling, but I don't think of it as scientific evidence of a creator.; perhaps it is a clue. I don't have problems with those who propose multiple universes to explain the fine tuning paradox. Nothing in science troubles my faith, not evolution, not scientific ideas about consciousness, morality, free will or even the so-called God gene. It is not that I reject or nuance science. I don't. I simply don't find any conflict with my faith.

For me, the Shroud of Turin is irrelevant when it comes to my beliefs. It doesn't affect my faith. As much as possible I try not let my religious beliefs influence what I think or believe about the Shroud.  I am uncomfortable with those who claim that the images were miraculously formed and then turn around and claim that this is somehow is evidence of a miracle; specifically, the Resurrection.

My experience with those who are scientists and do primary research on the Shroud is that many of them feel the same way. I think that most scientists who study the Shroud think, as I do, that the images are probably some unexplained natural phenomenon.

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