Focus on Faith: How many different kinds of faith are there?

Focus on Faith: How many different kinds of faith are there?

We are going to begin to study the seven kinds of faith that we find in the Holy Scriptures. We will discover from the Holy Scriptures that we really do not know what it really means to have faith. Without further adding, let’s begin: Much is said about faith, we as a people have been asked to have faith, but in reality, we do not know it well.

How many different kinds of faith are there?


In its original etymology, unbelief is a type of faith, is oligospermia, which means: difficult to believe, disbelief and disobedience. It does not believe in God and his word, but believing people, amulets, superstitions, rather, believing everything except God. Our sincere fidelity to Christ is lost (disoriented or corrupted) by our senses, that is, by what we can touch, look at, hear, smell and taste. In the application, how many times have we not been impressed by what some preachers do many times without having found the teaching and rather motivating people for the show and the spectacle?


On several occasions, Jesus told the disciples men of little faith. The word little faith comes from the Greek oligopolists and means lack of confidence and having believed without acting what has been believed. The man and woman of little faith despair and do not resolve. They remain stuck in the face of difficult life circumstances.


He is the one who believes but, when faced with circumstances, begins to move in his own strength. This word comes from the Greek prosdokao, which means unstable, unstable, double-minded. When he walked on water, let’s remember Peter for a moment, he believed, but then he began to doubt he was beginning to sink (Matthew 14:22 – 33). How many people do we know like this, even we have gone through there, believing for a moment but the problem comes, makes it difficult and gets discouraged?


This FAITH comes combined with the grace of GOD and comes from the original Greek pisteuo, which means to have faith regarding God, his word, Christ, and his saving power by grace. It is the faith in a salvation that does not need human methods, nor the philosophy of men, much less religion.


It comes from the Greek pehito and means security, trust, and fidelity to the word of God. This kind of faith, because it is so simple, needs to be nourished by the name of God so that it grows. As you understand the truths of God through the study of the Bible, your faith grows stronger.


It comes from the Greek tosoutos. It is a type of sure faith firm that has matured developing by believing God, the Lord Jesus Christ, his word, and his promises. For example, the faith of the Roman centurion.


It comes from the Greek pistis, which means credibility, truth, and righteousness, giving credit to God’s word, confidence, assurance, and sure hope. In this kind of faith, we find that it is the most powerful than the other six. Each one in his process goes up in level, but his goal is to reach the seventh kind of faith. Reaching this level of faith is the maximum because we no longer depend on the teachings or traditions of men or on philosophies, much less on humanism as we saw in Colossians 2: 8. This is where we really started to enjoy the gospel because it is the faith of Christ in me that is who I.