Red Elephant Kratom: An honest review of this popular strain

Red Elephant Kratom: An honest review of this popular strain

Red Elephant Kratom

Kratom is one of the newest beverages that has been introduced in the market. One of the most important reasons it has been largely successful is its pain-relieving property, especially in chronic pain. Most people resorted to the use of opioid analgesics for the relief. However, it has had many harmful effects, owing to which Kratom is being earmarked as an ideal replacement.

Derived from Mitragyna speciosa plant, many strains of Kratom are present. The classification is mainly done based on the color of the vein. They are primarily of three types- the white, green, and red vein. The Red Elephant Kratom is a popular choice for red-veined Kratom. This article aims to review it to understand whether it actually provides what it intends to.

Red Elephant Kratom

It is named after the plant it is derived from in which the leaves are large in size and resembles the ear of an elephant. Based on the review of the users, Red Elephant Kratom can be deemed as being moderately effective in providing sedation as well as euphoria. It has also been useful for mood elevation and gives a sense of relaxation.

According to some users, the Red Elephant Kratom is the perfect example of a balanced product. It has adequate pain-relieving property and gives the ideal dose of energy and relaxation, forming the perfect concoction. Even though it is not as efficient or strong as the Red Bali or the Red Borneo Strain, if you are a beginner and do not want such strong effects, the Red Elephant is the ideal one for you.

It is known to be effective for almost 3.5 to 4 hours, even looking at the duration of the strain. The effect is not much nauseating when taken in moderate dosages. Although the dosage of this Kratom is largely dependent on the weight of an individual, anywhere between 5 to 10 grams have been known to be effective in providing all the utilities of the Red Elephant Kratom and not have any debilitating effects as such. Depending on the type of reaction you want, you should buy red elephant kratom.

Pros of the Red Elephant Strain

  • The type of effect it offers is unique and has the right amount of sedation, relaxation, and euphoria.
  • It has the potential to provide relief against chronic types of pain. Therefore, it is a good replacement for opioids.
  • It could provide more energy than the other types of red strains available in the market.

Cons of the Red Elephant Strain

  • It does not provide excellence in one particular area. All the effects are present but not in overwhelming amounts.
  • It may not be useful or potent to some people.
  • The other types of red strains in the market might have more sedating potential than the Red Elephant Strain.

The verdict

The strain is balanced nicely. It is excellent for beginners who just started using Kratom as the effects are mild and effective at the same time. If you do not wish to be overwhelmed, the Red Elephant Kratom is perfect for you.