Ways through which one can avoid buying of fake Instagram followers

Ways through which one can avoid buying of fake Instagram followers

When you buy real Instagram followers, it can benefit you a lot in increasing your organic followers as well as improve your name or image. Today, there are so many influencers and Instagram followers sellers who have made their services available for Instagram users. Some are legit and those who are not. Buying of Instagram followers can indeed boost your business but if it is not done right, you will end up harming your account. Therefore, you should be very careful when you are looking for a followers purchase service provider. Before you go ahead with your account purchase, there are things that you should be aware of. First of all, some scammers have taken advantages of so many peoples thirst to increase their Instagram following. After knowing that, you should know ways to spot such service providers and avoid them. Fake followers will not do good for your Instagram account. You might get banned if at all you will be noticed. If you already have a significant number of followers, you should not risk losing them for fake followers. Below are signs that an influencer has fake followers.

Many followers but no engagement
When followers are fake, they will only follow but not like, comment or share any of your content or posts. Their main aim is only to add the number of people on your Instagram following. If their work is only to follow, it means they do not use Instagram. That is why they do not engage in the same way real followers would. Sometimes the fake followers or bots try to cover up by trying to have some sorts of genetic engagement. This is to make the account user believe that they are genuine when in the real sense they are not. Therefore, you can easily spot the fake Instagram users by monitoring the engagement rate. For safe Instagram followers, consider MOMENTOLOGY.

The ratio of followers to following being unbalanced
Instagram is a social media platform whereby people do not operate on a bubble. There are those people who have similar interests or operate under the same niche that compels them to follow other accounts. That is to say, there is no way to have followers like 100 when the number of the following 5. That is to say, with real accounts and followers, the real rule is always follow me I follow you. It is easy to notice when followers are fake. Fake followers do not have any interest at all. They can like and follow each account for as long as they have been paid to do so. In so many accounts with fake followers, you will realize that the ratio of followers to following is not balanced at all. With the followers to following ration knowledge, you will spot fake followers and users.

Check the Instagram bios
Checking an accounts bio can also tell when an account has fake followers. Each one everyone must at least write something on their bio. As much as people have different personalities. The bio must not be blank. If an account is fake, you will notice how their bios are written. Fake Instagram accounts do not have time to write bios. That is why you will find that their accounts have vague bios. So many of them go for a letter combination. A real account with real followers will tell you something about the owner of the account. When nothing is on the bio or what is written is vague, it can be a sign that the account is being run by bots and they simply have nothing to say.

No post at all
If an account has fake followers, you will notice from the posts or content. It is not possible to have thousands of followers with no one commenting on your posts. Even if they do comment or post, the post will be completely irrelevant. You can easily spot fake followers through posting content as a test to see whether the followers will like or comment. If you receive no comment at all, just know that they are bots. Before paying for Instagram followers, you can create an account for the testing purpose. If it works, you can go ahead with the purchase. For real followers, MOMENTOLOGY is the right place to look.

No avatars
Fake followers have no avatars. Most of them end up using other peoples profile photos like theirs. They can use photos of celebrities or politicians. Reason being, they do not have a face or any photo to take. Therefore, before you buy an Instagram account or followers, try going through some of the followers. Check their bio, profile pictures and even try contacting some of them. if they will not reply, it will mean that they are bots. Sites such as MOMENTOLOGY provides real followers.

Do an audit
Before you pay for your Instagram followers purchase, consider doing an audit. An Instagram followers audit online is the perfect tool to tell you how many fake followers you have. To spot a fake Instagram account or fake followers, you have to be extra vigilant. You will have to go the extra mile in assessing what you are being offered. Remember, fake followers can harm your account. Therefore, always use all methods in the world and take as much time as possible to make sure that the followers you are purchasing are real.