What religion doesn’t eat pork?

What religion doesn’t eat pork?

religion doesnt eat pork

The short answer: because it is mandated by Jewish law (the Torah) and the Quran. These are basically religious prohibitions. Muslims also do not eat the meat of prey animals –– lion, tiger, leopard, and vipers or domesticated species: cats, dogs, or rats, which are considered by Islamic laws as impure animals.

Among the Jews, as part of their regulations on kosher food, in the Old Testament, there is this sentence: “You shall eat nothing abominable.”

Among the animals that can be eaten are:

  • Ox
  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Deer
  • Gazelle
  • Mountain goat
  • Antelope
  • And every animal with hooves has a cleft of two nails, and that chews among animals.

What religion doesn’t eat pork and why?

Muslims and Christians are prohibited from pork. It seems that the explanation lies in a phrase written in Leviticus (holy book):

“Every animal with a split hoof and sunken hooves that chew the cud, you will eat.”

And therefore, since the pig is an animal that divides the hoof, but does not chew the cud, that makes it abominable. It seems that the primary motive behind this disgust towards the pig is that it is not a ruminant animal. In the ancient Middle East, ruminant animals were raised, that is, they are capable of ingesting only vegetables rich in cellulose. Whereas cows, goats, and sheep only need someplace with plants to feed themselves, the pig needs something else to eat if they want to gain weight, and therefore their owners had to feed them part of their harvest.

Ruminants were also a source of manure for the fields, traction force, and provided clothing. These arguments seem to have a certain logic and begin to make sense that pigs were frowned upon in ancient times. In terms of nutrition, pigs were not well adapted to the ancient Middle Eastern climate. While ruminants can live for long periods without water, they are capable of thermoregulation through respiration and have fur that protects them from the sun.

Islam was born in Semitic peoples (like the Hebrews) in a region where groups of Jews lived. The prohibition on eating certain animals may well have been due to a common taboo or Jewish law influences.

Why no Pork?

It can make you gain weight. This is one of the most notable counterparts. Because butter provides a lot of fat and energy, it may be the case that you abuse its consumption and do not “burn” those calories consumed. Keep in mind the following: for every 100 grams of lard, you get about 900 calories.

It contains many non-protein nitrogenous substances (such as ureic nitrogen, creatinine, and uric acid), complex metabolization in the liver. That is why every time you eat something with them, this organ has to work very hard to have the same performance as when it does not.

Your cholesterol intake is important. For every 100 grams, it contains about 95 mg of cholesterol, which is important to note since it is above chicken meat (88mg) or pork itself (35mg). Even if you do sports regularly, the cholesterol you eat will cause problems in the long run.