What to consider before buying a takedown recurve bow

What to consider before buying a takedown recurve bow

Whether you are in hunting, training or competition, takedown recurve bows have their own appeal. Unlike the compound bows, takedown bows for hunting are easy to use and quite simple and thus, no mechanical things about them such as pulley, cams, and peeps. You might be worried about the performance between a one-piece recurve bow and the takedown recurves bows. There is no big difference between them in terms of performance.

What is a takedown recurve bow

This is a recurve bow which has limbs that can be able to strung and separated from the riser.

Things to know about the takedown recurve bow:

  • Easy to transport: The main advantage of getting takedown bows for hunting is that it is easy to transport which might be the reason why most hunters tend to prefer to use it than the single piece recurve bow.
  • The bow’s draw weight: Draw weight refers to the maximum amount of force which you require to apply to the string in order to pull it over to a particular distance. If you are using your bow for just regular target practice, then there is no need to start with a bow which is powerful such as one for hunting purposes. You can get one that has low draw weight as you will be using it only to shoot cardboard or foam. But if you want to get a bow for hunting, then you have to use a draw weight which higher due to the fact that, you are going to be piercing through tissue, skin, and bone of your particular prey.For hunting small prey and regular target shooting, takedown bows for hunting with a draw weight of between 30 pounds to 35 pounds is quite enough. But when it comes to hunting elk or deer, you will need to use a minimum of 40 and above draw weight bow.
  • Your physique: Your gender, age, and the weight of your body along with any disabilities that you might be having will be able to determine how much draw weight you will be in a position to handle. You have to always remember that your capacity to draw weight will be able to increase as you continue building up more strength with time.If you have a child who weighs less than 100 pounds, then they should start with recurve bows with draw weights of between 10 pounds to 15 pounds. For medium and small built females, you can go for draw weights starting 40 pounds to 45 pounds. It will be best if you picked a takedown bows for hunting that has a lower draw weight and then continue progressing higher as you continue to build your strength to avoid injuries.
  • The heaviness of the bow: You might be worried concerning the actual weight of the bow which you are going to use due to the fact that you will need to hold it for quite a while shooting. There is no need to worry due to the fact that, most bowyers are able to construct takedown recurve bows which weigh between 2 pounds to 3.5 pounds which is a weight which is safe for most archers. As a female archer, you can go for a recurve bow which weighs 3 pounds or less just to be cautious.

Determining the bow length and draw length

On a general note, bows which are longer tend to shoot farther and are even more accurate than shorter bows. That might be the reason why most archers prefer to use longbows when going to hand for elk or deer. Most guides for archery give a hint that you need to pick a bow which is twice as long as the draw length. This can be the starting point in measuring how long your bow should be.

Once you are able to find the number, which you will get by multiplying your draw length, you will have to go ahead and try to shoot the bow and find out if you will be in a position to hold the in a comfortable way or not. When holding the bow, ensure that the bow is not taller than your height.

For picking the right bow length, you will need to determine the correct draw length which is the length of how far you can be able to pull the bowstring. To measure the right draw length before you make your purchase is something which is very important. This is because, if you happen to pick the wrong draw length, you will not be in a position to shoot correctly even if you are good at shooting.

For you to be able to measure and find the correct draw length for your takedown bows for hunting, you need to know the repercussions of using the wrong length.

Materials of the bow

The recurves which are currently in the market the limbs and the raisers can be made from various materials. The raiser can be constructed from aluminum, hardwood, or an alloy of magnesium. While when it comes to the limbs, they are normally made from fiberglass.

There are some archers who prefer to have wood risers due to the fact that, they want to have the traditional feel which comes with them. While for others, metal risers are the best since they tend to be more accurate as compared to wood risers.

So which one should you go for? At the end of it all, it will all depend with your personal preference and taste. Even though metal tends to be more accurate s compared to the wood riser, but the difference in accuracy in reality between them is negligible.

The limbs need to have been constructed from materials which are very hard to break but at the same time, flexible. It is recommended that you get ones which are made from fiberglass or any type of hardwood which is backed up with fiberglass. Get what you think will be comfortable and what is going to work for you.