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Christian faith is something that cannot be described in words. It is not related to religion it is a way of life through which the love of God.
There are a lot of unanswerable questions in the Bible. But as the word of God says Blessed are the people who believe without seeing things.
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The entire journey of life is a quest for God. From the day we are born till the day we have buried the quest for God goes on and on.

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Intuition vs. the evidence


Intuition is always key when making decisions, especially in contexts with low quality or complex information, but if we add evidence to it, with new technologies and successful management models, the results will be superior.

Imagination to power, a phrase written on the walls during the French May 1968, was based on the surrealist ideal.

Imagination allowed them to know what could become. That time represented a before and after in the assessments linked to history. The phenomenon credited the hypothesis that the student movement was not a generational conflict but that it had political ingredients that symbolized the dispute with capitalism.

The truth of the imagination was presented as a demand for political action and as a break with oppression, by rebelling against the principles of the system. The change generated by the aesthetic dimension and imagination would cause a different and effective revolution. Let’s be realistic, demand the impossible. The students wanted to bring the imagination to power. But poetry had no method and played against what perhaps could have been possible.

Types of imagination

Imagine a cloud in the shape of a dragon, a giant sparrow with the face of Trump, there is no heaven or hell, a mosquito-sized hippopotamus, a snake that eats the lion. The imagined may or may not exist (reproductive or creative imagination).

Imagining is something that is learned, it is a human form of mental activity. Symbolic thinking, the invention of combinations, had its development with the invention of the alphabet.

Imagination caused the first humans to generate inventions that required seeing far beyond the present: they imagined a world that did not yet exist. It was an evolutionary advantage. They were able to guess what was going through the minds of others (theory of mind and basis of empathy) necessary to maintain group cohesion. Tell stories by the light of the fire, to give yourself heat, surprise, terror, etc. Imagination created one of his greatest legacies: culture.

The current type of imagination allows us to create worlds with different rules and to believe in utopias. How long was imagination in power? Could we explore chance? Do we decree happiness? If today we still remember May 68, it is because something left us, it changed the way we look and think. We remain realistic, we ask the impossible. The brain does it every day.

Get into dreams

After minutes of sleeping, the brain enters a kind of limbo between being awake and asleep. During the first phase of sleep, which lasts about 5 minutes, the mind relaxes, lets less logical and structured thoughts flow, becomes malleable and less inhibited. This manifests itself in dreams over which some control can be exercised.

Dormio is software that detects when you are about to sleep and takes advantage of it to enter. When it detects the dream phase, it activates stimuli with keywords, which guide the dream. When he is entering deep sleep, it wakes him up to tell him what he dreamed.

Dormio has open-source, anyone with programming knowledge, with the manuals, can install it at home. The project includes stimulating creativity in the first phase of sleep, exploring the following phases, and seeing how it can be useful to improve other cognitive aspects such as memory and learning.

The cognitive activity was detected in a vegetative state. The patient was able to imagine walking around his house, while his brain activity was recorded with a resonance. When the person imagines, the brain produces a characteristic pattern that can be measured.

Imagining hitting a ball produces a great activation in the supplementary motor area, related to movement and preparation for action. Imagining yourself walking through the house activates regions associated with orientation in space.

When the brain in a vegetative state produces this activation, it is an indicator of consciousness. Using his imagination he was able to convey that he knew who he was, where he was, and what year it was.

The ability to learn was also preserved. For example, he knew the name of the person taking care of him, whom he had not met before the accident. He was also able to express preferences and confirm that he was not in pain. These tests open the possibility of penetrating people in a vegetative state. Likewise, they contribute to expanding knowledge about the clinical picture, the prognosis of the treatment, and the recovery time.

The anchoring effect

Many believe that only human beings can make correct decisions. The anchoring effect contaminates opinion through peripheral or irrelevant information.

One mental contamination experiment was carried out by psychologists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, who spun a roulette wheel marked with the numbers 1 to 100 and then asked the study subjects a question that had nothing to do with the result of the roulette rotation: What percentage of African countries belong to the UN? They all gave an approximate solution. The funny thing is that their responses were tainted by the number that had stopped at the roulette wheel. If it came out 10, the typical response was 25%.

If 65 was rolled, the typical response was 45%. This effect occurs frequently in our daily lives.

Intuition versus evidence

Intuition is always key when making decisions, especially in contexts with low quality or complex information, but if we add evidence to it, with new technologies and successful management models, the results will be superior.

Analytically competitive people start with the facts, continue with the analysis, and end with the evaluation. Technology facilitates the increase of information. A large amount is repetitive, erroneous, or banal, but it is information and increases by 60% each year.

Socializing generates more information, and faster

There is so much unstructured data that it requires training in sophisticated analytical tools to understand the information.

This is called big data, but the vast majority do not recognize its bias and brain flaws when dealing with objective, quantifiable and statistical data. This does not mean that judgment and intuition are not important, or that studies cannot contain errors. It only indicates that you have to be prepared to use analysis to objectively form your own judgments.

The natural tendency is to make a decision and then look for evidence to support it. The negative consequence of allowing this faulty decision-making process to flow is that you could probably find some facts that would support any decision.

The quantity of data demands a new discipline of evidence-based management. To be competitive, management must start with facts, analysis, and then evaluation.

With a very low budget, Beane built a baseball team made up of players nobody wanted and, against all odds, Oakland Athletics became the first to win more than 20 games in a row. The story inspired the movie Moneyball, in which Brad Pitt plays the manager who has changed his recruiting parameters.

Build on the evidence

It is about collecting the data they find, carrying out the pertinent analysis, and choosing the path they dictate, without privileging personal evaluations that go against it and applying quantitative information to key decisions.

The results of competing with both ways of working are revealing, but intuition continues to be played and executives are going in the wrong direction again and again.

Another serious problem is that they do not know how to interpret the data. You need quality information and for that, you must ask the right questions and have the appropriate technology.

Google’s artificial intelligence system beat the world champion of the popular board game Go, in five games the machine won four. His opponent, the Korean Lee Sedol, claimed that the machine performed unusual movements that no player would have made.

Artificial intelligence does not think better than humans: it thinks differently. It has another way of generating knowledge. The machines seem to have excellent judgment. Reducing decision-making to intuition without evaluating the information collected or not listening to common sense to blindly obey what the data says does not solve the problem either.

They are not opposing concepts, but complementary

What it is about is that human intervention allows the data to speak. Big data and analytics are necessary but not sufficient conditions to optimize decision-making. The intuition of the one who knows and that of the visionary who conceptualizes future bets are also essential.

Without information, we have a person with your opinion. It is best to ask the data and assess whether the answer is reasonable. Not trusting 100% on data or intuition. The growth of the data flow makes it difficult to interpret it without a team dedicated to analyzing it.

Digital illiteracy

The problem is not so much technological as it is cultural: it is not counting on the people on whom this responsibility falls to be prepared to do so.

Literacy is made up of the ability to read, work, analyze, and argue with data. Reading implies understanding what they are and what they represent; work consists of creating, acquiring, and managing them; analyzing means filtering, classifying, and comparing them; and arguing means using them to support a larger narrative to communicate a message.

80% of prisoners in the US are illiterate. There is a direct relationship between success and literacy. Education must train in intellectual skills and technology.
Another fundamental problem that affects the quality of the data is its abundance. 15 years ago, finding the right information was like discovering an oasis in the desert. Currently, you have to look for fresh water in the middle of the ocean.

A key factor to properly analyze is the democratization of data, which information scientists, business experts, developers, and engineers work on them in an agile, open and simple way. Part of the problem is the great dispersion of the data.

The myth of the Excel spreadsheet

Excel has become, by default, the self-service tool par excellence, and this is a problem to guarantee the quality of the data. In Excel, everyone modifies the information as it suits him and draws different conclusions from the same document. This problem is called data pollution and it is the daily life of medium and large companies around the world. But excess data does not have to be a problem if it is well worked, it is never too much when it is well managed.

Companies must transform the way they work with data to provide relevant solutions and, for this, understand what information they need to answer each question. There are other reasons why the analysis systems are not left to make the decisions. Sometimes, the system does not know certain relevant sources of information when making a decision. There is also mistrust in the system: it was built by people and can be buggy.

A brain is a belief machine

According to surveys, 60% believe in demons, 42% in ghosts, 32% in UFOs, 26% in astrology, 23% in witches, and 20% in reincarnation. In another from Reader’s Digest, 43% believed that they can read minds, 50% have had a premonition of something that happened, plus 66% say they can feel when someone looks at them, and 62%, that they could know who called before answering the phone.

Using data, the brain finds patterns, fills them with content, attributes meaning, and intention to them. The brain connects them with patterns of meanings that explain why things happen and transforms them into beliefs that interpret reality. They are mental models.

The innate tendency is to see patterns even where there are none. Nature has no intentions, neither moral nor purpose: we are the ones who see them everywhere. A special role is attributed to “mirror neurons”, which are activated both when one individual acts and when the same action is performed by another.

Religion moves by faith and science by evidence, religion offers certainties; science, doubts; religion proposes supernatural explanations; science is content with how fantastic nature is. The desirable thing is to exercise rational thought and not pseudoscience. The brain’s challenge is to understand itself.

Believe or not believe

The verbs create and believe are conjugated the same in the first person: “I believe.” According to the Bible, God created man in his image and likeness and endowed him with his creative power. The creative when innovative is the best imitator of God on earth.

When Gillette wanted to create a product for all men and quit his job, he decided to use his powers of observation. He was astonished to see many men with their faces cut off. And his idea for the razor came up. An idea that became matter.

Everything we do is based on beliefs, the important thing is to judge them by what they produce. A closed ideology can be sheltered by both a religious and a scientist. They can sweep like trash, under the rug, whatever the other brings. Science itself changed over time and its ideas arise from beliefs, different from the credulous but beliefs nonetheless. Einstein himself was horrified that his science was used to build the atomic bomb. Neither science nor religion solved the drama of poverty or perfected the education that is what makes the citizens of the future. Let’s make this world a better place to live.

There are no facts, there are interpretations

A good theory is created in contact with the facts, anticipates others that are not known or did not occur, detects causes, and predicts effects. The theory is articulated with practice. Ignorance or disregard for natural laws, action without feedback, generates catastrophes. The result can be that hell that is full of good intentions. For Keynes, models must adapt to reality and not reality to the model. A theory without relation to practice is as bad as a practice without theory. Good theories result from experimentation and observation. There is nothing more practical than a good theory. It is supported by an intuition affirmed by the evidence of the facts.

Divorce between Christians and second marriage?

Christians and second marriage

First of all, it is important to understand well what God’s position is regarding divorce and the words of the Bible in  Malachi 2:16  are very clear:  “I hate divorce,” says the LORD God of Israel.  According to the Holy Scriptures, God’s plan is for marriage to be a commitment for eternity.  “So it’s not two anymore, it’s just one. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate “(Matthew 19: 6). Therefore, those who are going to get married must understand the relevance of this decision, which is for life, and they should make good use of the courtship time to get to know each other and know if they are compatible. Normally, problems that arise in the courtship and are not resolved end up amplifying in the marriage. And the problems that arise in the marriage and are not dealt with or resolved, keep coming out on a recurring basis and are undermining married life, threatening to break the relationship.

Religious facts about Christmas

Religious facts

Christmas is the most significant festival of Christianity and celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. However, religions celebrate this reason all over the world. People gather with friends and family to celebrate on that date. Each one is respecting their different traditions.

What are the most widely practiced religions of the world?

practiced religions

Religion plays a very important role in the lives of millions of people, whatever they profess. It is estimated that there are more than 4,000 religions throughout the world, and approximately 59% of the world’s population declares themselves religious. Today we would like to review the world’s largest religions, taking into account the approximate number of faithful who follow them. Besides many religions, there are two main subgroups: the Indian religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, etc.) and the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.). Also, some Chinese religions are spreading in the world.

What religion doesn’t eat pork?

religion doesnt eat pork

The short answer: because it is mandated by Jewish law (the Torah) and the Quran. These are basically religious prohibitions. Muslims also do not eat the meat of prey animals –– lion, tiger, leopard, and vipers or domesticated species: cats, dogs, or rats, which are considered by Islamic laws as impure animals.

Among the Jews, as part of their regulations on kosher food, in the Old Testament, there is this sentence: “You shall eat nothing abominable.”

Among the animals that can be eaten are:

  • Ox
  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Deer
  • Gazelle
  • Mountain goat
  • Antelope
  • And every animal with hooves has a cleft of two nails, and that chews among animals.

What religion doesn’t eat pork and why?

Muslims and Christians are prohibited from pork. It seems that the explanation lies in a phrase written in Leviticus (holy book):

“Every animal with a split hoof and sunken hooves that chew the cud, you will eat.”

And therefore, since the pig is an animal that divides the hoof, but does not chew the cud, that makes it abominable. It seems that the primary motive behind this disgust towards the pig is that it is not a ruminant animal. In the ancient Middle East, ruminant animals were raised, that is, they are capable of ingesting only vegetables rich in cellulose. Whereas cows, goats, and sheep only need someplace with plants to feed themselves, the pig needs something else to eat if they want to gain weight, and therefore their owners had to feed them part of their harvest.

Ruminants were also a source of manure for the fields, traction force, and provided clothing. These arguments seem to have a certain logic and begin to make sense that pigs were frowned upon in ancient times. In terms of nutrition, pigs were not well adapted to the ancient Middle Eastern climate. While ruminants can live for long periods without water, they are capable of thermoregulation through respiration and have fur that protects them from the sun.

Islam was born in Semitic peoples (like the Hebrews) in a region where groups of Jews lived. The prohibition on eating certain animals may well have been due to a common taboo or Jewish law influences.

Why no Pork?

It can make you gain weight. This is one of the most notable counterparts. Because butter provides a lot of fat and energy, it may be the case that you abuse its consumption and do not “burn” those calories consumed. Keep in mind the following: for every 100 grams of lard, you get about 900 calories.

It contains many non-protein nitrogenous substances (such as ureic nitrogen, creatinine, and uric acid), complex metabolization in the liver. That is why every time you eat something with them, this organ has to work very hard to have the same performance as when it does not.

Your cholesterol intake is important. For every 100 grams, it contains about 95 mg of cholesterol, which is important to note since it is above chicken meat (88mg) or pork itself (35mg). Even if you do sports regularly, the cholesterol you eat will cause problems in the long run.

How to cultivate faith with prayer?

faith with prayer

Praying is difficult. There are many reasons why people do not pray. Surely because there is no time and when the evening arrives, late at night, where to find the strength to pray? Collapses in sleep! Then put laziness or little desire into it! Then all the distractions! Then a thousand interests that abundantly fill life: what is prayer compared to these seductions? How to cultivate faith with prayer? He knows very little! Then the lack of faith: the use of praying when God is absent, does not listen, does not consider our miseries! By dint of not praying, we no longer pray!

How to cultivate faith with prayer?

Instead, prayer must be rediscovered because it is necessary, as it is necessary to breathe to live. Some will believe that it is exaggerated to think so. But, reflecting on it, prayer is the great challenge made to our contemporary world that risks closing in on the material, in the sensual, in egoism.

Unfortunately, too often, we don’t know how to pray because no one has taught us. Then prayer is no longer prayer, but a psychological introspection to analyze one’s feelings, emotions, and the different impressions experienced with the people encountered. Reflecting on oneself and one’s acts are commendable, but it takes an extra step for it to become prayer. It consists of placing one’s life in the Light of God and under his gaze. Then yes, prayer becomes an act of faith! It no longer ends in a monologue but opens on a dialogue between two people who speak and listen. God speaks and the man listens, the man speaks and God listens. The starting point of prayer is always the Word of God listened to in Mary, who, sitting at the feet of Jesus, was attentive.

What to do?

First of all, have the character find the time to pray: will it be once a day or three times a week? It takes some ‘lost’ moments for God to meet him for free. Those who love to know how to waste time, they know how to spend their precious time on their beloved. On the other hand, when you love little, you have little time for each other. For prayer, it is the same thing. “It’s time you lost for your squad that made your squad so important!” (Little Prince). A minimum of 15 or 20 minutes is not too much.

What to do next? Possibly look for and find a beautiful place to pray. Of course, you can also pray in bed, but it only takes a few minutes to sink into dreams. It would be better to identify ‘significant places’. For example: sitting in front of an icon or under some tree, gathered alone in the church near the house, etc.

What to do to pray?

In the beginning, take the Gospel, read with the heart, listen, mark the provocations, keep a few verses, compare one’s life with the Word of God, let Jesus enter into daily life and … respond! Dialogue is born. Thus the Lord spoke to Moses’ face to face, as one man speaks to another. The beginnings are stuttering and boring … but it’s normal: this applies to everyone. By dint of persevering, however, intimacy grows with this someone who reveals himself.

Praying alone is not always comfortable

Even the best resolutions risk withering. But together, we are strengthened! Why not meet once in a while with one or two friends or with a community to share the Word of God as if it were bread to be broken and offered? Try it and you will see how many surprises Jesus knows how to do to those who gather in his Name. Then the Word is enlightened, it multiplies. The community becomes a ‘school of prayer’.

What to do next?

Persevere and persevere! God is not a Santa Claus who indulges our whims. Prayer must be insistent and tenacious because everything is expected of God. He is our Father. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you; for whoever asks receives, and whoever seeks finds and to who knocks it will be opened. Who among you will give a stone to the son who asks for bread? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give a snake? So if you who are evil know how to give good things to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him.

Listening to the Word of God is good

Praying with God’s Word is better. Deepening the Word of God is a very good thing! It is unthinkable to remain all our lives as ‘dwarfs’ as far as faith is concerned because the catechism was not lived well when instead we are ‘giants’ regarding science and technology. After all, the school forces us to study. Unfortunately, when you become an adult, the big questions often rush to find meaning, make choices, and strive towards happiness, but you are not ready. Then you don’t know where to hit your head. How many doubts in life? How many accusations made against the Church? How many perplexities? How many questions that never find an answer, because a ‘teacher’ was missing and there was no prophet to propose credible answers! There is a real urgency to deepen one’s faith. It is a responsibility to be cultivated.

In this search for faith, everyone should be a bit like the Magi who, faced with the difficulties of the long deserts to cross, the dark nights, the court of Jerusalem that cheats the cards, do not give up but follow the star to the joy of the Encounter, of the discovery of the Light, of the Truth! When you feel unprepared, why hesitate to get up? It is worth traveling miles and miles to confront ‘masters of life’ who have something to say about faith because they are the first to live it without fiction! There is no too expensive price to pay to find an answer that gives Light and happiness!

This is the figure of Mary! It is a symbol of those who listen to the Word of God and compare themselves with it to find explanations for their doubts. Prayer is too important to be overlooked. The meaning of life is too important not to be seriously explored. We must have the honesty to ask ourselves: How much do I take care of my prayer? I ask myself questions about life, about man, about vocation and I look for … answers?

7 Valuable Tips For Your Faith To Move Mountains

Faith To Move Mountains

Surely you have heard the phrase “Faith Moves Mountains”; this refers to something that you want with all your soul can be achieved. If you see impossible in reality, here comes the conviction that a supernatural force. In this case, God can intercede on your behalf, so that you can achieve your goals.

What is faith?

It is something that is born within us; “it is spirituality” gives us the stability, firmness, confidence, and assurance that God is going to help us solve any problem. It is not about being optimistic, but about having the full certainty that God exists.

A thousand times your faith has been broken by the problems of life; For example, you had to face the death of your parents in adolescence, supporting your son with an incurable disease, unemployment, and countless challenges that you have had to go through, have weakened you.

However, an inexplicable feeling is born in the depths of your heart, something that drives you to believe that God works on my behalf.

That amount of tears shed, that uncertainty of not knowing what to expect from the future, have strengthened us, believing that God has a magnificent plan in your life. Even now, you understand that things happen for something, to have real learning and strengthen our spirituality.

Many people have lost faith and are far from believing that the impossible is yet to come. Therefore, here we have to share some tips to regain in you the certainty that God works in your life.

How to move mountains?

1) Do not hesitate

It may be that you are going through a very complicated and difficult situation, which at your conviction is almost impossible to resolve. Remember, doubting takes you away from believing in divine power and breaks your spirituality. Therefore, you must work to strengthen your confidence and leave your concerns to God.

An easy way to do it is to be in the presence of God through prayer, to renew your faith, having the assurance that he listens to you, and works in your favor.

2) Think big

We can all see our immense problems as a difficult mountain to climb, believing that we cannot solve the problems. However, we must remember that God is immense, much greater than any mountain in the world; he is greater than our problems. Therefore, we must believe and trust in our power and love.

There is nothing that God cannot solve, even death. Recall the passage from the Bible when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

3) Act

Trust your abilities, your abilities, leaving aside the fears and thoughts of defeat, as well as having faith, and it can move mountains. Sometimes, your intellect will shine and you will have ideas of how to resolve conflicts in a way you have never imagined.

4) Be vigilant

Has it happened to you that people come into your life that is a means to achieve what you want or do you receive an unexpected call or something else happens? It is about God’s help; He uses the people around us to give us messages in response to our supplications and prayers.

His way of acting is unexpected and sometimes is not logical to reason, therefore, we must be attentive to any hint of divine sign. Remember that God works in his time and according to his will. Avoid discouragement when you do not see the solution to your problems.

Under no circumstances stop praying and ask him to clarify your thoughts to understand how he will help you.

5) Do not decay

Some women with difficulty getting pregnant have managed to have children, people with serious financial problems get to have a lot of money, and marriages on the brink of divorce come to forgive themselves. Why can’t something happen in your life?

These people surely never lost faith in God. Even if you get tired of waiting for what you want, remain firm in your beliefs and relationship with him, you will see that sooner or later your dreams will come true.

6) Full confidence

God can do everything and he chooses what is best for us by acting at his will. Surely on occasions, you will have realized that the things that you asked for in prayer have not happened, that is because He has something better for you. You must have full confidence that everything that happens in your life has a reason for being.

Move mountains with faith, confidence, and above all with the assurance that you are heard. Pay attention to the divine signs and ask for a lot of guidance to understand the why of things.

7) The spiritual fast

It is a religious practice that promotes direct communication with God. It helps us draw closer to him, increase faith, and gain spiritual strength. Many practices it to seek help in difficult times and express gratitude.

If you want to move mountains with fasting, you must always accompany him with prayer, to obtain the strength you need, since fasting is about showing greater dedication to the things of God and sacrificing for a while earthly pleasures.

It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation you’re going through is. Remember that God listens to you, helps you, and responds. Believe in his divine power, in his majesty, and his love!

Red Elephant Kratom: An honest review of this popular strain

Red Elephant Kratom

Kratom is one of the newest beverages that has been introduced in the market. One of the most important reasons it has been largely successful is its pain-relieving property, especially in chronic pain. Most people resorted to the use of opioid analgesics for the relief. However, it has had many harmful effects, owing to which Kratom is being earmarked as an ideal replacement.

Derived from Mitragyna speciosa plant, many strains of Kratom are present. The classification is mainly done based on the color of the vein. They are primarily of three types- the white, green, and red vein. The Red Elephant Kratom is a popular choice for red-veined Kratom. This article aims to review it to understand whether it actually provides what it intends to.

Red Elephant Kratom

It is named after the plant it is derived from in which the leaves are large in size and resembles the ear of an elephant. Based on the review of the users, Red Elephant Kratom can be deemed as being moderately effective in providing sedation as well as euphoria. It has also been useful for mood elevation and gives a sense of relaxation.

According to some users, the Red Elephant Kratom is the perfect example of a balanced product. It has adequate pain-relieving property and gives the ideal dose of energy and relaxation, forming the perfect concoction. Even though it is not as efficient or strong as the Red Bali or the Red Borneo Strain, if you are a beginner and do not want such strong effects, the Red Elephant is the ideal one for you.

It is known to be effective for almost 3.5 to 4 hours, even looking at the duration of the strain. The effect is not much nauseating when taken in moderate dosages. Although the dosage of this Kratom is largely dependent on the weight of an individual, anywhere between 5 to 10 grams have been known to be effective in providing all the utilities of the Red Elephant Kratom and not have any debilitating effects as such. Depending on the type of reaction you want, you should buy red elephant kratom.

Pros of the Red Elephant Strain

  • The type of effect it offers is unique and has the right amount of sedation, relaxation, and euphoria.
  • It has the potential to provide relief against chronic types of pain. Therefore, it is a good replacement for opioids.
  • It could provide more energy than the other types of red strains available in the market.

Cons of the Red Elephant Strain

  • It does not provide excellence in one particular area. All the effects are present but not in overwhelming amounts.
  • It may not be useful or potent to some people.
  • The other types of red strains in the market might have more sedating potential than the Red Elephant Strain.

The verdict

The strain is balanced nicely. It is excellent for beginners who just started using Kratom as the effects are mild and effective at the same time. If you do not wish to be overwhelmed, the Red Elephant Kratom is perfect for you.

Understand the importance of car covers for your new and old vehicles

Many people consider that there is no need to protect the old cars as they are prone to damage and nothing can be done to protect those cars. However, it is equally important to make arrangements for the protection of old cars as you would make for the new ones. In fact, the old ones demand more attention in this regard, and you should buy proper coverings for your antique models to protect their value and the old body. The biggest problem, that is faced by the owners of old cars is that these cars are more prone to catch the rust because of the old body. If you want to protect the old car, it is essential to keep it away from moisture as much as is possible otherwise it would start damaging your car in a manner which would not be able to revert.

Buying a used car

First, you should try not to buy a used vehicle and always go for a new one. If you have budget constraints or you want to buy a specific old model, you should inspect the car carefully before you make the purchase decision. There would be a lot required on your side when you own an old car as compared to a new one. You would be required to use proper fifthwheelcover gold shield 5L and specific car covers for your particular vehicle in order to protect the car. It is not possible for some people to buy new RVs and the best they can afford is to buy a used one. In this situation, always inspect the roof and floor of the RV to make sure that there are no cracks and rust damages. Once you are done with the purchase, buy the right cover for your RV to protect it further in your ownership. It is very important because otherwise you will lose the value of your RV and would create a mess for yourself.

Reasons why people buy the vehicle covers

Have you ever noticed the reasons why people buy the proper car covers and protect their cars? There could be certain reasons why a prudent person would do that. First of all, many people do not have enough space in their houses to park their cars in a secure environment. Therefore, they use the car covers and park their cars outside with a comfort. In addition to that, following are some of the prominent reasons in this regard which are worth mentioning.

  • They want to secure their cars from theft
  • They want to reduce the cost of car wash
  • They want to protect the paint from UV rays in sunny areas
  • They want to protect it from weather conditions
  • They want to protect the cars from scratches by animals

Above-mentioned are some of the prominent reasons why a person would buy a cover to protect his car. It is obviously more important to protect your new car as compared to the old one, however, you should always be careful towards the protection of your vehicle, whether it is old or new because the mentioned reasons would benefit you in many way. It is a great idea to buy proper fifthwheelcover gold shield 5L for you RV and also for the other vehicles which can fit in this. If you have more than one vehicle, and you park one of them outside the house, then you can go for the universal car covers which would provide you with a better opportunity and protection at less cost.

Some people cover their cars with car covers even when they park the vehicles inside the garage. Why do they do so? This might be something new for you, but it is logical. When the cars are parked inside, there are chances that they would get a scratch from any person who is trying to move around in the garage. Normally garages are very compact and there is not enough space to move around. If you have tools in your garage and you do some of the mechanical work yourself, there is a great chance that your car get scratches inside the garage. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to buy and cover the car even inside the garage.

Car inside garages and protection from insects

Well, apart from the scratch protection, you need to protect your vehicle from insects and spiders when it is parked inside. There is a high chance for insects to make webs and nest on or inside your car when you keep it unprotected. If you are leaving your car in garage for a long time, then it is a great idea to protect it with fifthwheelcover gold shield 5L especially the RV which is used only for recreational purposes and otherwise it stands still in your garage.

When you are deciding to make the purchase for the best covers, you should start your research from online market, because there are many online retail stores from where you would be able to buy the respective car cover in lower and cheaper prices as compared to the local market. There are many reasons why you would get a cover from online shops at a discounted price. A prudent person would love to avail the benefit of low cost and ultimate protection with the purchase of best covers for the car from a reputable online store.

What to consider before buying a takedown recurve bow

Whether you are in hunting, training or competition, takedown recurve bows have their own appeal. Unlike the compound bows, takedown bows for hunting are easy to use and quite simple and thus, no mechanical things about them such as pulley, cams, and peeps. You might be worried about the performance between a one-piece recurve bow and the takedown recurves bows. There is no big difference between them in terms of performance.

What is a takedown recurve bow

This is a recurve bow which has limbs that can be able to strung and separated from the riser.

Things to know about the takedown recurve bow:

  • Easy to transport: The main advantage of getting takedown bows for hunting is that it is easy to transport which might be the reason why most hunters tend to prefer to use it than the single piece recurve bow.
  • The bow’s draw weight: Draw weight refers to the maximum amount of force which you require to apply to the string in order to pull it over to a particular distance. If you are using your bow for just regular target practice, then there is no need to start with a bow which is powerful such as one for hunting purposes. You can get one that has low draw weight as you will be using it only to shoot cardboard or foam. But if you want to get a bow for hunting, then you have to use a draw weight which higher due to the fact that, you are going to be piercing through tissue, skin, and bone of your particular prey.For hunting small prey and regular target shooting, takedown bows for hunting with a draw weight of between 30 pounds to 35 pounds is quite enough. But when it comes to hunting elk or deer, you will need to use a minimum of 40 and above draw weight bow.
  • Your physique: Your gender, age, and the weight of your body along with any disabilities that you might be having will be able to determine how much draw weight you will be in a position to handle. You have to always remember that your capacity to draw weight will be able to increase as you continue building up more strength with time.If you have a child who weighs less than 100 pounds, then they should start with recurve bows with draw weights of between 10 pounds to 15 pounds. For medium and small built females, you can go for draw weights starting 40 pounds to 45 pounds. It will be best if you picked a takedown bows for hunting that has a lower draw weight and then continue progressing higher as you continue to build your strength to avoid injuries.
  • The heaviness of the bow: You might be worried concerning the actual weight of the bow which you are going to use due to the fact that you will need to hold it for quite a while shooting. There is no need to worry due to the fact that, most bowyers are able to construct takedown recurve bows which weigh between 2 pounds to 3.5 pounds which is a weight which is safe for most archers. As a female archer, you can go for a recurve bow which weighs 3 pounds or less just to be cautious.

Determining the bow length and draw length

On a general note, bows which are longer tend to shoot farther and are even more accurate than shorter bows. That might be the reason why most archers prefer to use longbows when going to hand for elk or deer. Most guides for archery give a hint that you need to pick a bow which is twice as long as the draw length. This can be the starting point in measuring how long your bow should be.

Once you are able to find the number, which you will get by multiplying your draw length, you will have to go ahead and try to shoot the bow and find out if you will be in a position to hold the in a comfortable way or not. When holding the bow, ensure that the bow is not taller than your height.

For picking the right bow length, you will need to determine the correct draw length which is the length of how far you can be able to pull the bowstring. To measure the right draw length before you make your purchase is something which is very important. This is because, if you happen to pick the wrong draw length, you will not be in a position to shoot correctly even if you are good at shooting.

For you to be able to measure and find the correct draw length for your takedown bows for hunting, you need to know the repercussions of using the wrong length.

Materials of the bow

The recurves which are currently in the market the limbs and the raisers can be made from various materials. The raiser can be constructed from aluminum, hardwood, or an alloy of magnesium. While when it comes to the limbs, they are normally made from fiberglass.

There are some archers who prefer to have wood risers due to the fact that, they want to have the traditional feel which comes with them. While for others, metal risers are the best since they tend to be more accurate as compared to wood risers.

So which one should you go for? At the end of it all, it will all depend with your personal preference and taste. Even though metal tends to be more accurate s compared to the wood riser, but the difference in accuracy in reality between them is negligible.

The limbs need to have been constructed from materials which are very hard to break but at the same time, flexible. It is recommended that you get ones which are made from fiberglass or any type of hardwood which is backed up with fiberglass. Get what you think will be comfortable and what is going to work for you.

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The status of the Shroud of Turin