A guide to Natural Aphrodisiacs

A guide to Natural Aphrodisiacs

In today’s fast running world, lowered libido can happen time to time. Bad eating habits, sleepless nights, stressful jobs are the enemies to a healthy libido (sexual drive). The diminishing of the sex drive is slow and is very lately identified. Especially in case of women it is more lately identified. However, it is never too late. This can be replenished any time with proper diet, regular exercises and enough sleep.

Here is a complete guide on natural aphrodisiacs to increase rather normalise healthy libido in women. Though it is the hormone testosterone that is the major cause to induce sexual drives on both men and women, different foods have different effects on men and women. However the following foods have better effect on women and her sexual desires. They reflect differently on women as the female reproductive system is designed to hold the baby. Therefore the sexual desires of women are directly and indirectly related to her reproductive system.


Cacao is tasty and is known for its aphrodisiac properties. Cacao are seeds of a tropical American tree from which cocoa butter and chocolates are made. It contains bliss molecule and anandamide. It is rich in magnesium, phosphorous and other antioxidants. It is filled with phenyllethylamine, which releases dopamine in brain. Dopamine is highly essential for the body to feel the pleasure. The amount of dopamine released makes a person feel contented during sexual activities.


Fenugreek are seeds from a tropical plant. They are aphrodisiac and have been used by the ancient people of Rome, Greece, Asia. It is used as a spice blend. It tastes like maple syrup and butterscotch. Indians eat the leaves of fenugreek as a leafy vegetable. Apart from boosting sexual drives in both women and men it is used to improve milk production in lactating women. They also increase the size of the breasts naturally. This means the lactating gland grows healthy increasing its milk production. They are rich in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are substances that have similar structure as that of the oestrogen.

The other foods rich in phytoestrogen that help to increase the libido in women are flax seeds, soybean, oats, barley, wheat berries and sesame seeds.

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The warming spices

The warming spices increase the libido and metabolism of the body greatly. This makes a person hot and increases his body temperature and hence the name warming spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger are the warming spices. As they increase blood flow towards the pelvic regions, they increase the sexual drive. They can be easily added with tea. These spices increase vaginal moisture in women.

One has to be cautious to limit the quantity of intake of these spices. This is because when the level of these spices in the body increases, the temperature shoots up leading to lack of moisture and frequent urination and also burning sensation in the genitals.


Oysters are good aphrodisiac. Oysters contain zinc that is essential for the production of testosterone. They also contain amino acids and serotonin. Serotonin is called the happy chemical as it is very important to feel happiness and wellbeing. Low serotonin levels are the leading cause of depression. These are very important to feel the pleasure inside the body. Apart from sexual, it also gives a contented pleasure of laughter, contented satisfactory stomach feelings after a meal and also a good sleep that gives freshness and energy when they wake up.


It is a root vegetable that are native to the Andes in Peru. They are highly used to enhance sex drive. They grow in high altitudes of Peru. Root alone is the edible part of the plant. The roots are dried and consumed as powder. It has varied advantages when it comes to increasing sexual drives

  • Highly nutritious – contains vitamins, copper – 85% (which is rare and highest), iron, potassium, protein, etc
  • Increases libido in women
  • Increases sperm counts and mobility
  • Reduces menopause symptoms by improving the moods

It can even be used as a good sunscreen. It can be applied just with an essential oil or rose water.


Honey is one of the best factors to kindle sexual desires in both women and men. The term honeymoon was coined in England from a tradition of newlyweds. The newlyweds were offered with fermented honey for a month after their vows.

Spicy foods

Often one can hear about a pregnant lady eating lots of spicy foods. This is mainly because her female hormones are pumped at great levels during pregnancy that kindle her sexual desires wildly. This makes her crave for spicy foods. The logic can also be applied vice versa. If women have to increase or maintain a healthy sexual desire, they have to eat spicy foods. Chillies increase testosterone levels.

Above all, it is essential to have a peaceful day. If the body is stressed it will be too tired to demand an orgasm as majority of the energy would be supplied to other muscles like hands, legs. A large chunk would be consumed by the brain alone. Therefore along with adding the above healthy food to every day diet, one has to switch off her brain completely. Even a party laughter and dancing might reduce the pleasures.

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