Best exercises to do at home teenagers

Best exercises to do at home teenagers

Best exercises

Here we give you an example of exercises routine for teenager and how the diet should be to complement a training plan for young people. It is suitable for both men and women.

How to have a good body in adolescence?

Best exercises for teenager

To have a good body in adolescence, a routine of body exercises (or with light weights) must be combined with a good diet. In addition, at this stage of life, sports are an ideal type of training to increase muscle mass throughout the body.

To mark abdominals, not only should you do abdominal exercises, but also reduce sugar consumption and complement with some sport or cardio exercise.

What activities can you do:

  • Do a 40-minute exercise routine at least 4 times a week
  • Exercises with bodyweight or with weights less than 10 Kg
  • Do not eat large amounts of sugar, white flour, sugary soft drinks
  • Eat more cereals: oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat
  • Protein should be part of all your main meals
  • Swap junk food for nuts and healthy fats

workout routine for teens at home

An exercise routine for teenagers should combine static exercises with dynamic ones. This is one of improving power, endurance, and muscle strength at the same time.

Young people should place special emphasis on avoiding errors in the technique of the exercises in the routine. Otherwise, sports injuries may appear.

We remember that the most important thing in a routine for teenagers should be to emphasize improving the technique of the exercises. Just as adolescents should not forget the importance of food and rest. To achieve a good body, this is even more important than the training plan.

Below is an example of a routine for medium-level teenagers:

Front Abdominal Plank

Abdominal plates or tables are one of the ideal static exercises to develop a firm and strong abdomen from adolescence and at home. A beginner must pay special attention to learning the technique and not shifting the weight to the arms. It is best to start the routine this way.

Side Plank

This is a fundamental functional exercise to strengthen the obliques and the lateral area of ​​the glutes in adolescence. Repeating side plans for 30 seconds on each side twice is enough.

Bench Push-Ups

Push-ups are good for developing your pectoral muscles and triceps. When doing this exercise, your abs should remain like a plank at all times. If you don’t have a bench at home, you can use a chair or a support box.

Leg Lifts

One of the key exercises to learn is to feel the muscles of the lower abdomen. At 15 years old, it is particularly difficult to learn to tighten the lower abdomen, for this reason, we include it as one of the best exercises in the routine.


Burpees are a key functional exercise for the development of the body in adolescence. It is a basic bodyweight exercise of methodologies such as CrossFit and functional training routines for boys between 15 and 19 years old.

Hip Lift

Hip raises are an ideal exercise to strengthen your glutes and lower back muscles. Teenagers should be especially careful not to force the neck and at all times try to include work on the back of the legs. You can help yourself with a mat.

Dips For Triceps

Dips on the bench are an ideal exercise to work the triceps. If you do not have a support bench, what you can do at home is to use a table, two chairs, a table, or any surface that is low.

Wheel Crunches

Wheel crunches are one of the best abs exercises. In adolescence, it is recommended to always start with the knees supported and learn the technique. If you are not sure how to use the abdominal wheel you can check out this article on the abdominal wheel.


Pull-ups are an effective exercise for strengthening your back. For a teenager, it is particularly important to include it in routines as it allows to improve posture and stimulate muscle growth in the upper body.


Lunges are one of the best teen exercises to do at home. When lowering you must make sure that your back remains straight as a table, to achieve this you must help yourself with the strength of the abdominals.

Exercises With Balls And Jump Rope

These exercises improve coordination in adolescence and allow to increase muscular resistance and respiratory capacity.

Also, combining a bodyweight workout with a teen soccer workout is a good strategy for improving aerobic endurance in youth.

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