How to have faith in yourself?

How to have faith in yourself?

faith in yourself

Having confidence in yourself is essential when it comes to being successful in an endeavor as it helps combat your anxieties about a new project. However, if you don’t have faith in yourself, follow these practical tips:

Steps to have faith in yourself


You have made good decisions based on reliable information. Before making a decision, make sure you’ve done a lot of research. Once you have done this, you must have the confidence to take the next step regardless of the opinion of others.

Stop worrying about the fear of failure

Many times we experience a sense of premature failure that has nothing to do with reality. For example, before taking an exam. Don’t let fear of failure paralyze you? Think that learning from mistakes is always healthy.

During transition periods, keep priorities clear

Any new project needs perseverance and determination. As much as eventualities or unplanned things arise, you should not change your priorities. For example, if you have decided to finish an academic career and a job opportunity arises, do not let it discourage you or blur you from your studies.

Getting what you want means giving up some things

Continuing in line with what was raised in the previous point, you must be clear that pursuing a dream often means having to give up things we want. Don’t be afraid to make decisive decisions if the moment warrants it.

Go ahead and have faith that you will come to fruition

The best recipe to have faith in yourself is to have confidence in the decisions we make and, in addition, to rely on the people who love us and surround us. Don’t hesitate to ask the people who know you best for advice when you feel cloudy on your way. They can help you restore your self-confidence and give you the strength to keep going on all your projects.

Keep your promises

We lose confidence when we fail to keep our promises for too long. On January 1st (or when we return from vacation), we promise to get back in shape, and inevitably, we find ourselves a year later fatter and unmotivated than ever. If you want to have greater self-esteem, make few promises to yourself, make them realistic, and above all keep them.

Set yourself a small goal and achieve it

Many para-gurus argue that to be successful in life, you have to set yourself ambitious goals. If you have set yourself goals for too long that you have not met on time, giving yourself yet another impossible goal is the sure way to failure. Goals only work if they help you trigger a virtuous circle in which each goal achieved is followed by a reward that motivates you to achieve even more important goals: I call it the little success algorithm. If you want to create this virtuous circle, stop giving yourself goals that you don’t even believe in: give yourself a small goal, a close goal in time, but do everything to achieve it.

Change a little habit

Speaking of small goals: do you want to go back to believing in yourself? Change your daily habit. Stop doing those radical change-of-life shit in the “January 1st” style: they are not needed by a beloved fried chip. Instead, choose one, and only one, a small habit that you want to eliminate, change or establish; dedicate 30 days to it and move on to the next habit.


If you don’t exercise regularly, here’s habit # 1 that will help you regain your confidence and ultimately change your life. Training constantly goes far beyond health, well-being, and physical fitness: sport is a school of life. Any physical activity requires resilience, determination, motivation. Everything you learn between the machines of a gym, the tubs of a swimming pool, and the streets of a marathon can be found on the benches of the university or the desk of your office. Train your muscles to strengthen your spirit.


Can you do anything to solve your problems? Smile and foul. Can’t you do anything to fix them? Smile and frigate. In short, don’t forget to smile: it is a gesture as simple as it is effective for improving your mood and giving a boost to your self-esteem.

Apply the 3-minute rule

Sometimes it takes damn little to regain self-confidence; to be exact, in my experience, in some cases 3 minutes or so may be enough.

Be grateful

I’ve told you before about the power of gratitude. Yet too many people still believe that being grateful is a new age thing for poor unsuspecting people. So for the past 5 years, I have been writing in my diary every night 3 things I was grateful for during the day: it changed my life. If you learn to focus on what works in your life instead of always complaining like a whiner, your self-esteem will inevitably arise.

Focus on solutions

I’ll tell you a secret: we all have problems. I know that feeling like the most unlucky human being in the world is something you are particularly proud of, but continuing to tell yourself how much your life sucks is unlikely to help you regain your confidence. So rather than obsessively thinking about your problems, learn to focus on possible solutions to those problems.

Help someone

It is surprising how the most anxious and insecure people are always focused on themselves, while the most serene and self-confident ones take care of others. I am not saying that you have to become a volunteer for Africa, but instead of always feeling sorry for yourself, sincerely care for others, listen to them and try to help them. “André, I always worry about others, but it’s the others who don’t care about me!” Gnegnegné gnegnegné. How I can’t stand this sentence! Helping someone just because we expect that someone to reciprocate is something self-righteous and selfish. Help someone selflessly.


How many books do you read in a year? 10? 5? 1? Nobody?! Nah, Ikea instructions don’t matter. There are at least 5 good reasons to read 52 books a year, but numbers aside, the more you read, the more ideas you develop. The more ideas you develop, the more projects you make. The more projects you do, the more … your confidence grows. Read. Point.

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